Saturday, August 31, 2013

Go Out To Lunch!

Why is going out to lunch worth your money?  It's great to gripe or express your feelings?  It's good free therapy!  Connections are a big secret to how you can get where you want to go in life!  Who ever you like or admire you should go to lunch with.  Lunch will open the doors!  A quick bite will turn into many opportunities! Bonus: Adults with a strong and wide social network have a 5o% better chance of living longer, says a Brigham Young University study. That's an incredible return on a few dollars!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Young Hair

Do you want shiny, bouncy, healthy looking hair?  As we age hair can go through some major changes like thinning and color loss and gray hairs appearing.  Start using the right hair products, and stop bad habits.  Eating plenty of fiber, fruits, and vegetables helps.  Get plenty of sleep each and every night.  Brush your hair every night.  Get ten minutes of sun shine a day.  Yes, sunlight can stimulate hair growth.  Some take a natural supplement of Biotin to restore hair growth.  Massage your scalp every night.  As you age your scalp gets stiff.  Deep breathe.  Deep condition your hair weekly.  I just put on a nice conditioner right onto my dry hair and let it sit for 20 minutes.  Then, I shower and wash and condition my hair.  Try sponge curlers or velcro curlers.  Use a heat protector if you use hot metal curling irons or flat irons.  Even my ceramic curling iron gets too hot.  Curling hair or back combing hair or hair extensions can add major volume to thinning hair,  and they even have clip on hair extensions.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Master the Messy Up Do

First spray volumizing spray on your roots ( on to wet or dry hair).  Then blow dry and curl your hair using a good hair spray.  If your hair is extra fine, use some spray dry shampoo.  Then use only two large, U-shaped pins to secure the updo!   You can back comb the roots before securing your hair up! Spray a bit of hair spray!  Not too much because we want a fresh, natural look!  It's that easy and oh so elegant!

Latest Fashion Trends

Here is a brief list of fun and easy fashion ideas:
1.  A great white dress
2.  A polka dot dress
3.  Something fire engine red
4.  A cute peplum top
5.  A tailored jacket

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hair Will Make or Break You

The other day I challenged my husband to pay special and close attention to the women's hair when we were in a public setting!  It was so interesting to see how bad most people's hair styles looked!  We saw big poofy hair, grey long hair, short permed hair, dull greasy hair,.. You get the idea!  I wonder if most people don't really notice their hair styles.  Hair will destroy your look or make you look even better!  Take some time to really look at yourself in the mirror and see what needs to go!  Also page through some fashion magazines and see what is out there and what looks good !  Nothing ages a woman more than ugly hair or greying hair or flat thinning hair !  So take a peak on the mirror!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Golden Hour

There are bronzer basics you read about all the time.  There are powders and creams.  Here are inside tricks for truly applying it like a pro.
Combat Oil.  If you don't wear foundation, start by dusting translucent powder all over your face and your bronzer will go on more smoother.
Rethink the way you use it.  Pick up a bronzer that's just slightly darker than your skin tone.
Downsize your brush.  Most people sweep bronzer on with a big, fluffy brush.  The pros make tight circles with a medium size powder brush.
Top it off with champagne shimmer.  Use a creamy gold flecked highlighter over your cheekbones and blend. 

Six Things Every Woman Should Own

You could look rich and fabulous even if you don't have a Michael Kors dress to wear to every occasion.  Here are six things that you really need to look FABULOUS:
1.  Aviators-sunglasses look great and "Hollywood" on everyone
2.  A Chronograph Watch-a big, chunky watch for everyone!  It is glamorous and practical.
3.  White Jeans-Just throw on a black T-shirt and it's instant Jackie Onassis.  They are great with any top.
4.  An Oversized, Saddle-colored Bag-It's a little bit rock and roll equestrian.  It's the kind of thing that works with everything.
5.  Dry Oil-For me, beauty is all about skin that's shiny and young looking.
6.  A Tailored Coat-A coat is your calling card and makes you look fabulous.