Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pack Like A Pro!

Going away this summer?  Try to pack just the right amount of stuff.  Here are a few suggestions to take along...this should all fit into one small to medium bag:
1. Ziploc bags-for make up, small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, perfume, eye make up remover,...
2.  A mini blow dryer and a mini flat iron-so small yet so HOT!
3.  A straw hat
4.  Flip Flops-in neutral or metallic colors that go well with everything
5.  A small wedge shoe-in neutral or metallic
6.  A boat or moccassin shoe
7.  Swim Suit
8.  Maxi Dress in a micro fiber so it won't wrinkle
9.  Your favorite skirt and T shirt
10. Pajama's
11. A Pretty scarf-one that is long enough to be a swim suit cover up or a scarf or a skirt
12.  Pretty jewelry-cheap but gorgeous-Forever 21 has the best

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Be the Classiest Camper Ever!!!!

There is no reason why you should not be the cutest and classiest camper ever.  Don't let the back woods make you look awful, frazelled, and frumpy!  You can be and look the best ever even in the Rockies.  Here are some things to pack:
1.  Handy wipes--always clean and fresh
2.  Hand sanitizer--be clean
3.  Kleenex and toilet paper--need I say more?
4.  Cute rainboots--Target and even Walmart have the best styles and colorful prints and patterns.
They cut down on the stress of walking in the mud.(Plus you look adorable).
5.  Pretty hats or Cowboy hats--it covers up bad hair and makes you look so sweet.  It protects you from the sun's harmful rays.
6.  Insect Repellent--you don't want to be bit in the night by any critter or insect
7.  Lip Balm--to protect your lips
8.  Dry Shampoo--I like Dove dry shampoo especially if you can't wash your hair.
9.  Velcro Curlers--my best friend to bad hair days.  Just spritz hair with a water bottle and put in a few velcro curlers and go out in the wind to blow dry.
10.  Cute Rain Coat--these can match your rainboots and protect you from rain or snow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun Summer Hair Do's

Here are some fun summer hair do's that are easy to do:
1.  The Ballet Bun or Sock Bun
2.  The Flirty Braid
3.  The Edgy Top Knot
4.  The Pretty Pin-Back
5.  The Polished Pony Tail
6.  The Loose Locks of Curls  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stripe It Up!

Stripes are everywhere!!!  I love the striped skirts and maxi's.  I love the maxi dresses that are striped!  Stripes can be found on shoes and shirts and tanks.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some More of My Favorite Things

I have more of my favorite things:
1.  Breville Smart Toaster-we call it the "magic" goes down and pops up automatically and has a button that says "a little bit more"...thanks Flora!
2.  Satin/Silky Pillow Case-it prevents wrinkles and saves your hair-do...thanks BJ!
3.  Eye Lash Extensions-I don't have much luck with them staying on too long though...thanks Christine!
4.  My Home Grown Roses-especially the fragrant hybrids
5.  See's Chocolates-especially the Butterscotch tastes like brown sugar and butter

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How To Build Your Child's Self Esteem

It is so important to build your children's self esteem. I used to read tons of books on the subject and I came to the conclusion that every decision we make is ultimately  based on our self image.  It is so vital to tell your children every day that you love them.  You have got to tell them as much as you can how terrific they are.  For every negative comment or criticism, you need to give them five or six compliments.  How a parent treats her/his child, determines how that child thinks of himself.  A child can't get enough praise and positive feed back, especially from the parents.  We all need to improve how we speak to each other.  Love is spoken here should be every parent's motto.  Our tone of voice should be happy and pleasant for the most part.