Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best Jeans Ever!

I have worn all types of jeans and after trying on hundreds of pairs I have found my favorite ones are the ones that shape and slim you.  Believe me, if you find a great pair of jeans, you have won the jack pot.  Jeans can be so versatile and lovely IF you find the right pair.  Here are some of my BEST picks:
1.  Not Your Daughter's Jeans-in the darkest denim shade with a bit of spandex in them around $100
2.  Coldwater Creek's Dark Denim Bootleg Trouser Jean $70
3.  Ann Taylor Signature Trouser Jean in dark denim $88
4.  Miracle Body Samantha Bootcut Jean $110
5.  Levi Perfect Waist Jeans $54

Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Dress Worn 4 Ways

Take one simple dress any color and wear it 4 ways.  I have a purple magenta sheath that is sleeveless.  Here are 4 easy ways to wear it:

1.  Wear a simple button down shirt underneath and wear it with pumps.
2.  Dress it up with a sweater or cardigan, some high heels, and a gorgeous scarf.
3.  Top it off with a navy blue blazer, kitten heels, and a gold chain necklace.
4.  Top it off with a colorful solid colored trench coat, wedge shoes, and a dazzling scarf.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Setting Boundaries

I just got home from my weekly grocery store trip and realized that I had seen all types of mothers with their pre-school children.  I saw one Mom slapping her little tike in frustration as she walked down the aisles of food.  I heard another four year old screaming for "popcorn chicken"  ...he screamed the entire time I was checking out and then they followed me to another line to pick something up.  I had a massive headache after listening to his rage.  His mother seemed unfazed by it.  Where do we draw the line in discipline with our children?  I HATE to see parents hitting or spanking their little ones.  I HATE to see parents loose their cool.  I HATE it when parents act less mature than their toddlers.  I HATE it when parents look the other way.  There are so many different methods. There should be 101 different ways to discipline a child without abuse and hitting.  We must teach our sons and daughters respect.  How do you teach respect for womanhood?  Evaluate your own personal actions and attitudes to make sure they are truly respectful.  Modeling respect for others hinges on being aware of what we are modeling.  All who desire to have a more respectful society or family must make sure they are respectful too.  The most important thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother.  Genuine love between a husband and a wife can have a powerfully positive effect on the climate in the home.  It increases a sense of security and stability for children.  It gives them a foundation upon which to understand the potential of a positive relationship.  When a Dad and a Mom are respectful to one another, it sets up a template and a framework for those children to be hindered in how they see marriage and relationships.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mint Green

Try on some mint green for the day!  Nothing says Happy St. Patrick's Day like green!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Get More For Less $$$

We have practiced frugality for many years.  I have learned so many techniques to save money.  Here is MY list of how to live like a millionaire on a pauper's budget:
1.  Shop only for items that are on clearance or on sale.
2.  Never pay full price for ANYTHING!
3.  Make a grocery list and stick to it.
4.  Plan your meals for one week at a time.
5.  Eat at home as much as possible.  Eating out is high in calories and high priced!
6.  Vacation within your own state.  There are beautiful sites and hotels right in your own backyard.
7.  Don't go to high- end beauty salons to get your hair and nails done, rather go to a beauty school.
8.  Never  go to the expensive high end movie theaters.  Save big by going to the dollar movies.
9.  Find out which pizza or bowling allies or museums or recreational centers have "family nights" for greater discounts.
10.  Turn off all of your lights at night when you go to bed.
11.  If you find a great deal on an item, buy quite a few of them for gifts.
12.  Only run your dishwasher if it is full.
13.  Cold wash your dry clean items and hang to dry.
14.  Clean your own house.  Involve your husband and children.  A little work never killed anyone!!!
15.  Use water and vinegar to clean practically anything.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Good Books To Read

Here are two good books to read on improving your relationships:
1.  Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good To Great
2.  Finding Love Again
These two books are written by Terri L Orbuch

In- Laws or Out- Laws?

A Michigan researcher found, that after following 400 families for a quarter of a century, that when a man (husband) gets along with HIS in-laws, the likelihood the marriage will last increases 20 percent!  The news is a little different, though, when it comes to a woman's relationships with HER in-laws.  Because women tend to take things more personally including even well-intentioned advice having in-laws closely involved can actually reduce the likelihood a marriage will thrive.  When a man bonds with his in-laws his wife gets the message that "your family is important to me because you're important to me.  I want to be closer to you."  Wives LOVE that and marriages get a longevity bump.  But, when the wife feels close to HER in-laws, things go the other way.  First, in-law ties are more stressful to women because it interferes with and takes time away from bonding with the husband and her own family.  Women tend to analyze, work on and improve relationships.  They think of in-law ties the same way.  The other issue is emotional boundaries, something with which, women struggles.  A woman takes whatever an in-laws says as very personal.  It can be interpreted as meddling and interfering.  Women need to set emotional boundaries with their in-laws and recognize that the relationship is not the same one you'd have with your own parents.  Don't take things personally.  The key to ANY relationship is RESPECT.  You also have to treat yourself with respect.  We all need to get along with our in-laws and realize that they are part of an eternal relationship.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turn Your Closet Into a Boutique!

If you have a walk-in closet you can turn your closet into a boutique!  My daughters have helped me do just that!  They are amazing!!!  The key is to get rid of out dated and ugly clothes.  I donated mine to a good cause...29 garbage bags full!  It felt like loosing weight!  Here are some tips:
1.  Make it pretty-paint it pretty or wallpaper it!
2.  Upgrade any hardware.
3.  Add a furniture piece like a chair or loveseat.
4.  Use an old book shelf for all of your shoes.
5.  Match your hangers.  Use the same type and color.
6.  Add an island.  I use an old desk.
7.  Get the right light!  Add a lamp.
8.  Make your purses look pretty-stuff them with old crumpled up newspaper to hold their shape.
9.  Give away or throw away things that you will never wear again.
10. Hang everything UP!
11. Color group...put all the pinks together, all the yellows together...
12. Divide and conquer.  Put all of your pants together.   Put all of your scarves together,  and your     shirts together and your sweaters together...
13. Arrange the rainbow.  I put all of my tops and blouses according to the spectrum (rainbow) Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (purple).

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Live Longer and Better

Here is a quiz to see if you know how to live longer and better.
1.  Which of these will improve your memory?
a.  Solving crossword puzzles
b.  Going on walks
c.  Taking vitamin supplements
(Answer is B.  Physically active older people experienced less brain shrinkage.)

2.  What's the best treatment for arthritic knees?
a.  Sitting down
b.  Doing tai chi
c.  Taking shark cartilage pills
(Answer is B.  Stretching and poses improve function)

3.  Which of these 2 habits could shave the most time off of your life?
a.  Watching T.V.
b.  Smoking
(Answer is A.  Every hour that an adult watches T.V. sitting can cut 22 minutes off your life compared to 11 minutes from smoking.)

4.  True or False.  If you are middle aged and have spent 20 years avoiding exercise, smoking, or otherwise being unhealthy, its' too late to change now.
(Answer False.  It's never too late...people who start to walk only a few times a week after they are 40 were healthier than those who never exercise).

5.  True or False.  To feel younger, just open up your blinds or drapes.
(Answer true.  Looking out a window can destress you and lower your blood pressure and add strands of younger DNA).

6.  If you are physically active and sociable , you can expect to add how many years to your life span?
a.  .8
b.  1.5
c.   3.6
d.  5.4
(Answer is D.  People 75 or older who swam, walked, or did stretching and had a rich social network lived more than 5 years longer than people who were isolated and sedentary.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love Lace!

Lace is the new rage on all of the runways!  It is feminine and pretty.  You can find it in dresses, skirts, bows, and blouses.  It is wonderful!  Here are some ideas.  I just bought a gorgeous navy blue lace dress at Dillards!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Embarrassing Moment

Yes, another embarrassing moment in the life of Laurel...I worked hours and hours trying to perfect the organ for the upcoming stake conference.  I got my hair and nails done.  I put out a Saint John's suit jacket and skirt and shoes and jewelry.  I tried to prepare in every way.  I had to get up super early to prepare some food for a luncheon that day (Sunday) as well.  Everything seemed to go smoothly.  The music and choir and organ went extremely well.  I was pleased.  I even prayed that my deceased Dad would sit by me on the organ bench so I wouldn't be so nervous.  I felt that he was there in spirit.  Then at the end of the meeting two ladies came up to me and told me that my back zipper was undone on my skirt!  GREAT!  How many got to see that?  I guess I was in too big of a hurry to do it up.  Could someone not tell me BEFORE the meeting instead of after???  What to learn from that?  No matter how hard you prepare, there can always be a slip up.  (Also check yourself in the mirror).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 Foods That Help You Loose Weight

Here is a list of 10 foods that actually help you loose weight:
1.  Oranges
2.  Eggs
3.  Beans
4.  Salad
5.  Cinnamon
6.  Pears
7.  Soup
8.  Lean Beef
9.  Grapefruit
10. High Fiber cereal

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Basics of Dressing Well

There is nothing better than a well dressed woman.  She is polished, confident, radiant, kind and well groomed.  She dresses for success.  She wears appropriate clothing for the right occasions.  You would never find her in blue jeans at a wedding reception.  You would never find her in revealing clothes.  She follows the design rules of dressing:
1.  Look for the PURPOSE of your clothes.  Whether you are going to work or to work out, you dress appropriately.  Is it dressy or casual?  Is it a funeral or a backyard barbecue?
2.  Look for the STYLE of your clothes.  Are you funky, classic, tailored, eccentric?  Don't dress like your teenage daughter.  Don't dress like someone you aren't.
3.  Look for the BASICS.  Foundation pieces anchor an outfit.  Items like a black skirt or pants and work from there.  Or your basic beige dress you can accessorize around.
4.  Look for POPS of COLOR.  Every outfit needs a spike of color.  A teal tie or a bright scarf or a raspberry shade of pumps can add so much.
5.  Look for the BLING.  A touch of sparkle completes an ensemble.  Add a metallic belt or ring or necklace.  A shimmering watch of bracelet adds dimension.
6.  Look for the WRAP.  Nothing finishes off an outfit better than a trench coat or a smart looking coat.  A jacket literally pulls together an outfit in a classic way.
7.  Combine TEXTURES.  Add a cashmere, wool, satin or silk - it completes the finishes.
8.  Lay is all out.  When putting together an outfit, it helps to lay it all out on the bed complete with tights, boots, jewelry, etc...
NOW, go and put your clothes on!