Thursday, December 5, 2013

Start Your Own Holiday Christmas Traditions

Now is the time to start your own holiday Christmas family traditions.  Here are a few ideas that I have done over the years or that I think are great:
1.  Make your own felt Christmas stockings for each child.
2.  Set out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve.
3.  Act out the Nativity complete with baby Jesus and angels and shepherds, Mary, and Joseph.
4.  Make Christmas cookies and fudge.
5.  Decorate trees in every room.
6.  Go and see all of the Christmas lights.
7.  See the "Nutcracker" or "Christmas Carol"
8.  Read from the Bible the account of Christ's birth.
9.  Have a family talent show.
10. Sing Christmas carols around the piano.
11.  Put out your Christmas stockings on the couch or chair where you want Santa to set out your gifts.
12. Do the 12 days of Christmas to a family in need where you leave them a gift every night for 12 nights on their doorstep.
13.  Make gingerbread houses.
14.  Send out a Christmas card to all of your family and friends.
15.  Read a Christmas story/book every night.
16.  Collect children's Christmas books.
17.  Do themed Christmas trees.
18.  Go ice skating or sledding as a family
19.  Go skiing as a family.
20.  Do an appetizer night with all of your favorite appetizers.
21.  Do a white elephant gift exchange.
22.  See or collect creche sets.
23.  Go to Handel's Messiah.
24.  Read "The Christmas Carol" By Charles Dickens and "The Mansion" By Henry Van Dyke

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